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Stopped by to visit an old co-worker today, only to have a child announce, “A big, fat lady is here!” as I entered the room. Normally I could have ignored it as the knife-sharp honesty of children, albeit rude, but then I continued my errands at the bank and found myself on the receiving end of pointed glares from some lady in a hot pink work out suit and a very thin older woman. Given for no reason other than the fact that the only parking space was wedged between their vehicles and I had to squeeze a bit to get out of my car after parking.

Often times I joke about my build, I’m tall compared to most women I’ve met, and I’m broad in the shoulders, waist and hips, something of an extra large hourglass. I’ve learned to wear the name “amazon” like a badge of pride because I carry a lot of muscle and pack a solid impact when called for. I can also out walk a lot of people I know, my body adapts easily to exercise regimes and stores weight like a bear about to hibernate.

Sometimes when I see the body positivity posts I get a smile from them, but often they tend to circle around chubby or curvy girls who are short and emphasized as this cute package of cuddles and squish. I’m happy for women and girls who can identify with that and that there are plenty of people who support them. I end up feeling like the not so jolly green giant some days. I love heels but they make me near six feet tall when I wear them. I love retro and pin up fashion but if I wear a petticoat I puff up like a blowfish. I want to be delicate but I have the body of a mountain bear. Despite all of this I haven’t given up, despite the glares and rude comments I don’t quit trying to find ways to incorporate my style choices into my life.

No matter what we go through, no matter who wants to be petty and obnoxious to us, we are all capable of looking for some inner strength and staring those glares back down. Did I cry when I got home? Yes for all of two or three minutes, then I realized that my body struggles are mine and no one else has a right to judge or mock me because they have it easier. I’m an advocate of exercise and healthy eating habits but I know every body reacts differently to those things so no one has a right to say anything or give you a dirty look because of your size or shape. I hope that anyone else who has a body type not often recognized will still take time to love who they are, and find strength in the tough times.





I’m doing a persuasive speech and this would really help me out.

If you think animals should be adopted from shelters, reblog.

If you think animals should be bought from pet stores, like.



I liked and reblogged because I’ve worked very hard in the past at a shelter to get cats, dogs and even rats adopted into a loving home, but I’ve also bought from pet stores and the ones I buy have always been the sweeties no one wanted, the last guinea in the cage. In fact my precious bunny girl was the last one there, left alone because she’s got “red” eyes, not too mention I suspect she was injured or traumatized by kids who were likely mishandling her and not being supervised properly. I made a long winded post to simply say that store or shelter, ALL animals deserve to be loved and cared for. None of them get to decide where they end up so I could never promote one adoption source over the other.

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oh my god two words in that just UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

All hope is lost so quickly I can’t stop laughing.

danish tv is the best thing ever

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[Image: a series of tweets by justified agitator (@Awkward_Duck) on August 19, 2014.

1:23 AM: We literally laid in someone’s backyard for what seemed like an eternity while tanks rolled down the streets #Ferguson

1:26 AM: I’m live tweeting because there’s a media blackout. #Ferguson

1:33 AM: I’m so shaken. They’re literally just rolling around throwing tear gas into neighborhoods-not aggressive crowds. #Ferguson

1:34 AM: I was pouring milk over one guys eyes when they came back around and threw another at us. #Ferguson

1:51 AM: Let me repeat, THEY ARE GASSING NEIGHBORHOODS not crowds of protestors.There was only a few of us walking. there is no curfew, so why?]

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